Testimonial 1

I’ve known Amanda for over 7 years now and when I first met her I was instantly drawn to her amazing energy ..she’s focused, has a calming nature, & a fun loving side ..she’s motivated and driven too …I now have the pleasure working with Amanda .

I trust her 110% with everything she does ..and I know she has the belief in what she does and what I do too…I’m a newbie in the programme and already experiencing shifts in my sales & relationships !

Everyone who knows or has the pleasure of meeting her will fall in love with her too!

Testimonial 2

Absolutely loving the TIR program (Thinking Into Results). Amanda has a huge amount of knowledge and passion and it shines through.

Already I feel a shift and cannot wait to see the results in 6 months time. Having been friends for a while now, it’s been amazing to see massive personal growth in Amanda. - Gail (Grangemouth)

Testimonial 3

Amandas ability to dig deep into your soul and pin-point certain areas that require attention, is simply incredible.

I have practised growth mindset and wellbeing in general, for many years however, Amandas sessions proved that there is always room for creating a better version of yourself allowing you to live a happier more fulfilled life.

The energy that Amanda gives off naturally, makes you feel empowered to tackle anything head on, personally or professionally, and really believe in yourself that bit more

I am a very guarded person, and this was something I did not think was an issue as it keeps me ‘safe’. Through many discussions with Amanda, it was quickly realised that this may be holding me back in certain areas of my life. Amanda taught me ways of letting my guard down but still being able to protect myself. I noticed some positive changes to my life very quickly, especially around my relationship, which is so important to me.

I will forever joke with Amanda that she has some sort of Magical Dust which she casts over people she is around.

Thanks always Amanda!
Nicola x

Testimonial 4

I feel inspired and excited about what comes next since working with Amanda I have attracted a new job I previously thought I won't be able to do or get. my health has improved and continues to do so .I feel unstoppable which is a huge shift for me having been in a toxic relationship for 10 years being told of all the things that couldn't do. I am enjoying seeing and discovering all the things I can. - Sue

Testimonial 5

I have just completed Amanda's boot camp conducted only two weeks my goals and outlooks have completely changed I've learned lessons that have stuck with me and I'm continuing on the process I am more focused and I'm also have more appreciated for the people around me ,things are changing already. - Jordan

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