My Journey To Inner Peace

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I haven't always been a success coach, I was always the one being coached. What's true is that many successful coaches are the result of their journey in life, overcoming struggles, learning new mental techniques, resolving issues of the past and then learning how to help and empower others.


This is my story...

I Wasnt't Always This Confident...

I've always been a fun and happy girl on the outside people would tell me that I am beautiful and must be fighting men off with a stick yet I didn't feel confident or beautiful in fact all I saw were my flaws.

I had a unhealthy relationship with a mirror and even though I craved a loving secure relationship filled with romance I regularly found myself feeling lonely on a Saturday night. When I did get a date I'd attract the wrong sort of men, ones looking for fun but no commitment.

I started to wonder what was wrong with me!

The Journey Begins

I trained as an EFT Practitioner (Emotional Freedom Technique) and this highlighted my own limiting beliefs. As I learnt more about myself and how my brain was "wired up" I started to realise my "keeping me safe" way of thinking was actually "keeping me stuck".

Although I also read many books related to acquiring better thinking patterns, the big shifts came when I worked with a mentor over a period of 6 months. Mentors can be so much more powerful than simply reading books, they force you to look deeper, to truly answer to yourself.

A Corner Is Turned

One of the early positive outcomes for me was when I attracted my soul mate. He is everything I wanted and more!

We have a beautiful successful and happy relationship, I put this down to the changes in my mindset that my mentor helped me achieve.

The good news is; I got my soul mate, he is everything I wanted and more!

I also got my dream trip to Paris as well as a beautiful wedding in Italy.

The Mind Is Truly Powerful!

I am grateful to have a beautiful, successful and happy relationship and I put this down to the changes I’ve made in my mindset through the courses and mentoring.

When you are committed to rewiring your brain, you can create the thoughts that will produce the success you want in life. You can actively and deliberately create the life you want instead of settling for the life the world presents to you

I can truly say I love myself, it's important to be able to do this, why be your own enemy? When you learn to love who you are the power you feel is amazing. What you can create is limitless.

Dreams Come True - When You Work On You!

Why Not Start Today?

Changes In My Mindset = Changes In My Life

These are just some of the positive changes I have experienced:


I've freed myself of debilitating lifelong migraines. Many physical conditions can be traced back to our mindset, a healthy mental outlook is the best health you can wish for.

Self Love

I can truly say "I love myself", it's important to be able to do this, why be your own enemy?

When you learn to love who you are the power you feel is amazing!

Weight Loss

Whilst diet and exercise are factors in weight loss, a strong focused mindset wins every time as it drives your actions.

If you feel deprived or are running a "fat self image" you will never have long lasting results.


What would your life look like if your relationships were more focused and more abundant in positive energy? If you would like to feel happier, more content in life it's important to look at your relationship. A happy relationship leads to more confidence, that in turn leads you trying new experiences that you might not previously have. Relationships really are the starting point of a long and successful journey.

For more detail on how I can help you let me know what's going on in your relationship and what you would like to do differently. I can help you get the love and contentment you deserve!

Relationships is a huge subject. I believe that what you will learn you can absolutely apply to every aspect of your life, and you can apply in terms of relationships at work with your employees and or your boss as well as your romantic relationships. first, ask yourself what is it that you're committed to creating in your relationships? Are you being committed to being right? Are you focusing on what the other person is or isn’t doing? Or are you looking for what you want but not getting.

What we focus on expands. What we give out comes back. The key to healthy relationships is too willing give and graciously receive. If you want more love, give it, if you want more gratitude give it. It all starts with you. Communication in any relationship is key, but if you’re feeling less than, not worthy, looking for the other person to make you feel good or beautiful or in blame mode nothing will be resolved. You can’t solve a problem with the same mindset that created it.

What would happen if you responded instead of reacting? Do you know the difference? Reacting is what we do when we are coming from our programming, its automatic. Responding requires us to stop and think. The right kind of thinking. We can have a deep-rooted belief around what we think oh men should be this and woman should be or do that.

We can have expectations in relationships that are unrealistic. You will learn how to think differently, how to change what is happening in your relationships. When you change what’s going on inside of you everything around you changes exponentially. You have got to learn the dance of partnership and when you do what you can create is beautiful.

What could you achieve with a better mindset? 
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Some Of The Courses & Qualifications I Have Undertaken

Bob Proctor & Sandy Gallagher

I am a fully certified consultant with the Proctor Gallagher Institute. Bob proctor was one of the most successful leaders in human potential and growth.

His teaching has helped millions around the globe achieve Quantum Leaps in all areas of their lives.

The thinking into results programme that I guide my clients through, is a one of a kind of system based in over 75 years of intensive research into the science and mechanics of personal achievement and what really makes successful people successful. Success isn’t a secret it’s a system. This Blueprint offers results that last .

Psi Seminars

Stands for Personal Success Institute. Designed to teach leadership and strategies for life success

Trilogy Of Courses:

  • The Basic
  • Life Success Course
  • Women's leadership course

These were full emersion experiential courses that introduced me to principles I still live with today and took my marriage to an even deeper level.

Tony Robbins

Tony Robbins (aka Unleash The Power Within") is a well renowned master of motivation. We all have more internal power than we realise, the secret is learning how to tap into it! An amazing course with many powerful techniques I will teach you.

Millionaire Mindset Intensive

Millionaires possess unique mindsets that the masses do not. Its the difference between success and failure. The secrets I was taught on this course allow you to fastrack your way to success, whether its money, relationships or personal development. I cant wait to share these with you!

It's Time To Decide...


  • Do you prefer the driving seat over the passenger seat?

  • Are your prepared for happiness or resigned to despair?

  • Do you want to bring light into others lives or are you happy living in darkness?



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